Serdika 10 is a creative design atelier based in Sandanski, Bulgaria. We specialise in visual identity and brand creation.

Your visual identity is your first tool as it represents you. It is also the simplest way to convey a strong message and share your universe with other people.

What can we Do?

Branding Services

Identity Design: we create the graphical elements (logo, typographical design, colors, iconography, symbols) that will represent your brand and make it recognizable at first glance.

Web Design Services

Digital Media: we care for your presence on the Internet. Let us design and build your website that matches your tone and visual language.


The aim is to draw attention and create desire for the customers to purchase your product.

Print Design Services

Printed Materials: Your visual communication is applied to printed materials such as business cards, flyers, posters, booklets etc. We can also advise you about production methods matching your budget.


Who are we?

Serdika 10 is a creative design atelier based in Bulgaria. But we are very experienced in doing remotely work. We apriciate good and functional design. Our Process is based on exchange and collaboration so as to find the best solution for your project together.


What we do?

We are glad to support your business with our services. Identity Design, Packaging, Web or Print Design. This is what we love to do.


How it works

Shoot us an E-Mail or make an appointment for a call, so we can inform you about our process.



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